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Cape Malay Cooking and Cultural Tour

Why prepare?

There are many warnings and wise quotes pertaining to preparation. Good preparation is key to enjoying a great getaway. Here are some words of inspiration to remind us of just that.

  1. “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
    ― Benjamin Franklin
  2. “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”
    ― Abraham Lincoln

Things to remember

Check that you have…

  1. your camera and enough memory cards and batteries
  2. binoculars suitable for game viewing and bird watching.
  3. Packed a change of clothes in your hand luggage in the unfortunate event of your main luggage being lost/delayed by the airlines
  4. a flashlight, preferably an LED one
  5. an alarm clock (very important)
  6. your medication if any
  7. your luggage tag
  8. Wash Cloth (not normally supplied by local hotels)
  9. insect repellent
  10. enough pages in your passport, a photocopy of your passport and credit card to be kept separate from the original.
  11. maps, as they are hard to come by here. You will need to purchase one prior to or on arrival
  12. South African” Adaptor plugs. …NOT AFRICAN
  13. Suitable adaptors and extra filters for CPAP machines etc.
  14. notified your bank

More useful tips

  1. With regards to the weather… It would be advisable to bring along rain gear as we could experience intermittent rain or cold weather during the trip since we will be travelling through areas that have a TROPICAL climate AND others that have a MEDITERANIAN climate.
  2. WI-FI… Most of our Hotels have internet and wi-fi connections. Not all offer this for free.
  3. SAFES… Always ensure that your valuables are locked away in the hotel safe when you are not in your room.
  4. Laundry service is available in all of the Hotels, at a charge.
  5. Water from the taps is safe to drink. However, if you wish to use bottled water as a precaution, It can be purchased easily.
  6. Please take time to watch this Short History of South Africa which offers some great insights.
  7. Never travel in areas you’re not familiar with, after dark


  1. Tipping is 10% of the bill
  2. Never let your credit card out of your sight. The custom is for the waiter to bring the portable credit card machine to your table.
  3. I the credit card machine rejects the transaction, ask to speak to the manager and ask if he recognises the machine as belonging to the Restaurant.

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